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I am the publisher and editor of Ferrars & Fields Magazine since 2019. I also write articles on a broad spectrum of topics, mainly feminism, philosophy and media. ​

We are a student-run magazine collective based in Berlin.

Founded in 2019 by Mercy Ferrars and Adrien Fields, we grew from the idea that we would like to actively participate in culture and hope that our thoughts on relevant topics will contribute to a fair, equal future.

Since then, we have grown to a team of about ten writers and editors who write about politics, society, philosophy, culture, and the arts. We also publish reviews of films and series, books and music; write opinion pieces and about local life here in Berlin.

We are particularly concerned with solidarity with politically and socially disadvantaged people. We are actively politically engaged and stand in solidarity with queer, BIPoC and feminist contexts and communities.

We run FFMagazine alongside our studies and finance ourselves solely through donations and our wage work. We burn for what we do, and our journalism is characterized by an independence and drive situated in the modern humanities' left-leaning context.




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