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In 2011, Mercy Ferrars' portrait photography was soon recognised all across her hometown and the city of Stuttgart, where she regularly walked the streets to photograph strangers and their stories, fuelled by a curiosity and interest in people and their depths. The 2012 project became known as Lovelines.


In 2013, when she moved to Berlin, she began running conceptual projects featuring models, designers and stylists from all over Berlin. Some of these projects include


UNTIL THE RAVENS RETURN HOME (2014) featuring model Lyly Victoria Schmitt,

LION HEARTS (2014) featuring Berlin models Marilla Muriel Fotomodel & Luisa and stylist Sandy Ullrich,

RIVERS IN OUR WASTELANDS (2014) featuring actress Luba Lubinskaia,

CRYSTAL LAKE (2014) featuring blogger Elisa Schenke,

FRANZISKA (2014) featuring model Franziska Charlotte,

THIS CIRCUS FELL WITH THE STARS (2014) featuring Lisa Skramovsky,

DARK SMOKE (2014) featuring model Isabella Lugosi, stylist Julie Jolie and fashion by Steffi Eichhorn,

WHEN THE FOG CAME (2014) featuring tattoo artist Jen Tonic,

INES (2014) featuring photographer Ines Rehberger,

cover work for Berlin based band EVELINE (2014),

PURE (2015) featuring actress Anne Berndt,

WEIGHTLESS (2015) featuring model Ina Honesty,

THE CREEKMAN (2015) featuring model Kevin Creekman,

CHAOS THEORY (2015) featuring YouTuber Sina Bormüller/Fräulein Chaos,

LAURA (2015) featuring photographer Laura Callsen,

ETHEREAL (2015) featuring model/artist Valentin,

CROWNED (2016) featuring model/actor/dancer Manuel Gaubatz,

VENUS (2016) featuring photographer Marina,

MERCURY (2017) featuring Berlin based artist Zoe Mercury,

AND BY THE GREAT WIDE SEA I'LL THINK OF YOU (2017) featuring photographer Laura Callsen,

AFTERNOON WITH A DRESS (2018) featuring model Sylvana Hesse and fashion by Steffi Eichhorn,

II THE HIGH PRIESTESS (2019) featuring photographer Carina Spiegelstaub, and 

THE SUN'S DAUGHTER/THE EMPRESS (2019) featuring model Anna Misty.  

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