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by Mercy Ferrars

by Mercy Ferrars


Mercy Ferrars is a Berlin based Founder and Journalist (@Ferrars&FieldsMagazine), Writer, Photographer and Artist (@snkllrpublications), Philosopher (M.A.), Linguist (B.A.) and Activist.

At the heart of any of my projects is always a drive for self-expression, to carry into the world what the world is not ready to hear, or what it nullifies. My work is characterised by radical vulnerability and unflinching honesty.

The texture of my creations, which loudly and irrevocably carry my fingerprints always, renders my work recognisable and deeply resonant with its audience.

In a world where many wear masks to conform, I draw strength from the courage to step into the light in the stories I tell and the photographs I capture. My work is rooted in authenticity, impact, and connection.

In 2023, I completed my Master of Arts in Philosophy at the Freie Universität zu Berlin. My professional background spans photography, editorial work, education, content and social media marketing, customer happiness, and copyediting. This multidisciplinary expertise equips me with a well-rounded skill set that I am eager to contribute to projects in music, journalism, culture, and activism.


In 2011, Mercy's portrait photography was soon recognised all across her hometown and the city of Stuttgart, where she regularly walked the streets to photograph strangers and their stories, fuelled by a curiosity and interest in people and their depths. The 2012 project became known as "Lovelines."


In 2013, when she moved to Berlin, she began running conceptual projects featuring models, designers and stylists from all over Berlin. She created more than 23 conceptual projects in 5 years time. Some of these projects are recorded here: PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO.

In 2017, amidst her studies of English philology/linguistics and philosophy, she decided to start self-publishing. Having already written two unpublished novels and hundreds of short pieces published on personal blogs or writing communities such as, she wrote her first to-be-published novel in 2017. "Why We Are Here" was published in 2018 under mfpublishing. It was closely followed by Mercy's contribution to the 2018 Kindle Storyteller Award, "Die Astronautin und der Taucher."

In early 2019, having just published a guest piece in Postmondän, Mercy founded her own magazine along with her co-founder and good friend Adrien. Adrien left the magazine a year and a half after it was created, and Mercy became the exclusive publisher of Ferrars & Fields Magazine, which she had built from scratch. Along with a team of ten+ writers and readers she had a vision to impact culture by sharing her and others' voices.


At FFMag, international voices have since spoken up on the struggle(s) in the system while also curating the beauty of the arts. They publish on the whole spectrum of what it means to be a fully fleshed out human being. FFMag's essays, research, vulnerability and stories discuss queerness, feminism, anti-racism, disability and mental health as well as art, literature, film and media, featuring an exclusive digital exhibition. Mercy makes herself and others heard like thunder in a world overrun by battle, and always seeks to amplify the voices of others.

In 2023, Mercy completed her Master of Arts in Philosophy at the Freie Universität zu Berlin, focusing on the metaphysics of a repressed and ancient gynocratic world structure. This academic pursuit deepened her understanding of the intricate interplay between power and body, constancy and flux, and world and periphery.

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